2020 Graduation Celebration

Watch the highlights of the celebration  here!

Virtual Conversation

See our virtual conversation that occurred on April 8th between ISF Executive Director, Blair Ritchey, and a panel of our foster care students about how we are overcoming, together!

ISF Mission Team visited Guatemala!

For the past several years, ISF has joined our mission partner Orphan Outreach on trips to serve orphans in this developing country.  We select several of our ISF students each year to receive this gift of international travel to serve the world’s orphans.  We are always incredibly moved to see the profound effect this trip has on our students who have been orphaned or grown up in the foster care system themselves.  The opportunity to gain valuable perspective and feel God’s love through shared experiences and serving, is one that cannot be easily attained elsewhere.  In 2018, ISF has become the host organization for Orphan Outreach’s Annual Christmas Trip, which will be held from December 13 – December 19th.

2018 Gala Video

Legends In Leadership


About the Show

Legends in Leadership is an inspirational podcast featuring the stories of leaders who are making a difference. ISF and The Carrington Group’s goal is to inspire you with the stories of leaders who come from humble beginnings, overcome challenges and ultimately rise up to make a difference in people’s lives.