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Who We Help

  • Aged-out Foster Care or Orphaned Youth
  • Has the Desire to Succeed
  • Shows Leadership Potential

Where We Find Them

Foster Care Programs

  • There are many programs within Foster Care that focus on the transition of youth who age-out of the system. Some examples of these programs are: Transition Centers, PAL Programs, ETV Programs and Tuition/ Fee Waiver programs funded through the state. These are some of the programs that we partner with to find qualified students.

Group Homes and Orphanages

  • There are group homes and orphanages throughout the whole world filled with youth who need help. We have partnered with some of these homes to find qualified students who could benefit from our mentoring and scholarship program.

Community Organizations

  • There are many organizations and people who are involved with youth throughout the community that we partner up with to find students. Some examples of these organizations and people are: High School Counselors, Youth Organizations, Churches, Colleges, Youth Pastors, YMCA, Big Brothers/Big Sisters Programs, Boys and Girls Clubs, College Financial Aid Offices, Youth Advocate Groups, CASA, Foster Care Advocate Groups and many more.

How We Help Them