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There are lots of ways to change a person's life. Sometimes change is dramatic - rescue from a burning building or a lifesaving operation. And sometimes a person's life is changed in quiet ways - by a kind word or a good deed delivered at just the right moment. Sometimes the most enduring change comes through daily manifestations of generosity, compassion and honor in a world steeped in poverty and violence and depression. Here are some powerful stories about our students and their incredible journey.

ISF Graduates

Jeremy L.

Paris M.

Thomas W.

Awan D.

Rose B.

Adrian E.

GCUC Students.

Cindy M.

Megan T.

Vivienne E.

Skarlar E..

Alex G.

Dustin H.

LaDarius J.

Miguel N.

Vivian A.

Ryan D.

Faith S.

Claudia M.

Alexandria F.

Jacy G.

Kenisha A.




Yosef R.

Current Students




Brittany B.

Lan T.

Precy P.







International Students

ISF has partnered with Ghana Christian University College (formerly Ghana Christian College & Seminary) to provide scholarships to several of its' students. ISF's first student, Manuel Adjei, successfully graduated and today is the College's President and Senior Lecturer. In 2013, we accepted Vivian A. For more information, read her story above.

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