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ISF Leadership Mentoring Program

The ISF leadership mentoring program is focused on building a trusting relationship between a seasoned leader and a young leader. Although the emphasis of the program is on developing both the leadership qualities and potential of young college-aged adults, it also encompasses character, values and spiritual development.  The program involves four (4) phases of the relationship: Establish, Engage, Sustain and Transition.  Since the program involves a relational experience in which one person empowers another by sharing God-given resources and experiences a significant commitment is required by both the mentor and young leader.  However, the rewards a mentor and young leader receive far outweigh the time commitment.  The priceless results will be a lasting legacy for the mentor and the beginnings of a legacy for the young leader.

brad and dustin talking at Galatitia and faith

Thank you to this year’s ISF Mentors

Lori Antonioli Gina Fawcett Jennifer Krone Hunt Neely
Clay Bruno Debbie Finley Renee LeClair Jennifer Peterson
Dee Carroll Dan Garofalo Ellen Linn John Perfetto
Keith Chappell Lydia Gober Stacey Ludwig Martin Reuhl
Vivian Dorsett Kelly Jacobs Jason McFrederick Blair Ritchey
Faith Slater

Mentoring Webinar Series:

April 6, 2016:  Issue Processing:

Mentoring Moments….

A series of mentoring tips from our Executive Director, Dr. Blair Ritchey:

January 2016: A Brain… A Shoulder… A Swift Kick…   

January 26, 2016: The Healing Formula

February 2, 2016: Bitter or Better

February 9, 2016: The Man & The Badge

February 16, 2016: Watching Where others are going

February 24, 2016: Sight and Vision

February 29, 2016: Leap Day!

March 8, 2016: Anyone Can Mentor

March 15, 2016: Chance or Change

March 22, 2016: Ten Commandments

March 29, 2016: Creme filled donut discipline

April 14, 2017: Mentoring a Fatherless Generation

April 19, 2017: The Power of Mentoring to the Fatherless