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Mentors / Titia Sivils


Titia Sivils

Titia is a Certified Personal Trainer and Boot Camp Instructor. She received her certification through National Association of Sports Medicine and has been training since 2005. Her passion is to help motivate and nurture others. She uses exercise and volunteering as her platform. She cares greatly for the heart of at risk youth and has stayed active with children since a teen stemming from a childhood where she believes she could have easily been at risk. She also loves helping women achieve things they may have thought never possible through proper nutrition and exercise. She motivates the heart of woman to make changes and see what can be accomplished with a good plan and effort. She has built a successful business and a network of friends based on this business that has stayed loyal and faithful, as she is, for years.

Titia’s main focus is on her family. She has been married to her husband since 1994 and has one son from their marriage and two step-sons. She prides herself in being a stay-at-home mom part-time and focusing on providing a loving and nurturing environment for her family to come home to. She serves as Co-Chair on the Board of her son’s school PTA, as she has done so each year since he began school. She also spends her time volunteering at church, Prestonwood Baptist Church, with their youth. In addition volunteering the past two years with My Friends House, a home that shelters children removed from their families through CPS.

Titia’s faith and love of Jesus is her foundation. Her commitments are deeply rooted in the Bible and she loves to study and share that with others, when asked. She has lived the majority of her life in church though not walking a committed relationship until her late twenties. She now finds it her breath in life and it can be seen in her joy when you meet her. She will be glad to tell you where that joy comes from and how Jesus has transformed her life.