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Mentors / Robert Reisch


Robert Reisch

Robert was born in 1958 in New Mexico where he spent his childhood before moving to Virginia for his High School years. After High School he went on to Virginia Tech to pursue an engineering degree while on an athletic scholarship for wrestling. Graduating in 1980 Robert then went to work designing combines for Deere and Company in Moline Ill, only to leave two years later to attend graduate school in Business at the Darden School at the University of Virginia.

With the combination of an Engineering degree and a Business Degree, Robert has worked for 4 companies in 6 states over the past 28 years. He currently resides in the Dallas area although his job requires travel about 60% of the time to both domestic and international locations.

Robert was married from 1980 to 2007 and has three children. Erin lives in Oxford, NC, Bryan in Washington DC and Michael in Blacksburg Virginia. His parents are still alive and in good health, as are his three brothers and three sisters and nine nieces and nephews.

Seeking to give back to the larger community Robert is became interested in ISF and seeks to help those who want to help themselves.