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Mentors / Anne Lightsey

PictureAnne Lightsey

When she was 23, Anne arrived in Brazil for a 2 year YMCA work assignment with no job description, no easily identifiable skills, and not able to speak a word Portuguese.  Thank goodness the local Y CEO sensed potential.  And soon enough she was speaking the language, had invented her job description and found a calling: training others in vital life skills and guiding them forward on their own journeys of foreign travel.  She started this training program from scratch it and is still in use today, over 30 years later.

It was through this adventure that she discovered that creating and delivering customized trainings are both a passion and a gift, one for which she has received national awards and recognition.

Anne has served as Executive Director of a YMCA and Training Manager at Sprint PCS, and has been a professional mediator since 1991.  Today she is a mediator and corporate trainer in private practice, as well as a member of the faculty at the University of New Mexico.  She holds a BS degree in Communication from the University of Texas, Austin.