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ISF Student / Vivian A.

Vivian Ahadjie.fwVivian A.

Hometown:  Accra, Ghana, East Africa

Attending school:  Ghana Christian University College

Major:  Public Health

Vivian is a freshman at Ghana Christian University College in Accra, Ghana in East Africa pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health.

Her parents were deceased when Vivian was young and she was placed in a Christian foster home.

Her foster father is a pastor and foster mother, a seamstress living in a one bedroom rented house. In spite of earning a very low salary equivalent to $ 50.00 US per month, Vivian’s foster parents supported her through Junior and Senior High School but can no longer continue during her College years. Vivian is grateful to her foster parents for the love and support they have given her, neither of which was a legal obligation and by furthering her education, she hopes to change their financial situation.

She is determined to have a meaningful career in order to help other orphans and to avoid being a burden on society herself.

Vivian is keenly aware of the deplorable sanitary and environmental conditions in Ghana. With a BA in Public Health, she will be  instrumental in educating and transforming the  living conditions which contribute to the spread of communicable disease, such as HIV/AIDS, typhoid and tuberculosis to name a few. By teaching youth to avoid drug and alcohol use, teenage pregnancy, and unhealthy sexual practices, Vivien can be part of a life- transforming process.

“I have already learned from my class studies and assignments that public health is an exciting and growing field of study “ Knowing that she will have an impact on improving the health of her community is something that she states “will fill me with pride and a sense of personal satisfaction”

Knowing that she can give back to her foster parents will bring her joy.