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ISF Graduate / Megan T.

Megan T.

Hometown:  Albuquerque, NM

Attending school:  University of New Mexico

Major:  Psychology

Megan has fought hard to prove to others and to herself that in spite of being a foster kid, she will be successful in life. She has always wanted to be “somebody” and to do great things, but her compassionate nature tended to put her younger siblings and friends’ needs first, until she realized it was time to pursue her own dreams.

Megan’s father was incarcerated and never a part of her life.  At the age of eight, her mother became ill and was institutionalized. She gave up her rights to Megan and she was placed in foster care. She was eventually adopted when she was 13, but a year later, Megan found herself back in foster care. Her foster mother, Delores, who was a middle school history teacher, provided unconditional love and support and remains her “mom” to this day. Her therapist was someone she trusted and who influenced her career choice.

A scholarship and working a 40 hour week as a mental health counselor at a children’s’ treatment center and a behavior management specialist at another children’s’ treatment center, has allowed Megan to attend the University of New Mexico. She is presently in her second year as a psychology major and will graduate in 2016. Her goal is to become a child therapist helping other foster kids to realize their potential or an elementary school teacher working with special needs children.