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ISF Student / LaDarius J.

LaDarius Jones.fw

Hometown:  Houston, TX

Attending school:  Prairie View A&M

Major:  Architecture

LaDarius is an insightful, mature, and independent young man. He is one of the few ISF students who has never lived in the foster care system. At the age of 17, LaDarius became a ward of the state when his mother experienced a debilitating stroke. A year later his mother passed away and LaDarius found himself on his own. The two most powerful women in his life have been his mother and his grandmother. They taught him respect, independence, and to surround himself with positive people. This foundation influenced him to make education his first priority. In high school LaDarius finished in the top 10 and was awarded a community scholarship.

He was also offered a football scholarship to Prairie View A&M but realizing that the commitment of a college sport would negatively impact his focus on academics, he decided not to accept it.

At age 18, LaDarius entered Prairie View A&M to pursue his degree in Architecture. As a young boy he loved to spend his time drawing and building. In high school he took drafting and soon discovered his passion for architecture. Once he obtains his undergraduate degree, LaDarius plans to pursue his master’s and then intern for a large company. Ideally, he would like to establish his own firm which would allow him to pursue his other passion; to develop a non-profit organization that will serve and support young children. Influenced by his involvement at a very young age with an organization called PBMA (Positive Black Males Association), he has developed a deep interest in helping young children increase their self-esteem, develop strong values and learn the path to realizing greater personal and spiritual fulfillment.