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ISF Student / Jacy G.

Jacy Gomez.fwJacy G.

Hometown:  Indianola, IA.

Attending school:  Simpson College

Major:  Marketing Communications

This remarkable young woman has coped with more adversity in her nineteen years than most people face in a lifetime, yet she remains strong, positive, focused and confident in her ability to reach her lofty goals.

While many of her peers were enjoying their adolescence and teens, Jacy helped care for her mother who passed away after her seven year battle with cancer.  Her burden increased as her father and the majority of her siblings turned to drugs and a dangerous lifestyle. Jacy locked her door at night but she kept her eyes on the future.

A stranger’s concern led the school principal to take action and Jacy‘s sister Sherry became her sole guardian.

At present, Jacy is a freshman at Simpson College majoring in Marketing Communications and Spanish. She maintains a 3.89 GPA and expects, upon graduation to attend law school at Harvard and finally to become a prosecuting attorney.

Jacy’s many achievements include graduating with honors, winning the title of State Champion of the 2012 Iowa High School State Speech Association Public Forum Debate, being Secretary and Treasurer for Kappa Kappa Gamma, Team Captain of the Simpson College Debate team, member of the Religion Life Community and volunteer debate coach at Indianola High School.

Her excellent time management skills  allow her to balance academics, extra-curricular and volunteer activities, mentor others  and  work two jobs; 20 hours in childcare and 12 hours at Simpson College .

It is little wonder that Jacy has a firm belief that she is “going places in life” and that she is worthwhile.