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ISF Student / Fernando C.

Fernando Correia.fwFernando C.

Hometown:  Union, NJ

Attending school:  Kean University

Major:  Computer Science

At eighteen, Fernando lives independently with some support from Synergy II Independent Living Program. A difficult home life led him, at the age of ten, to seek help from the police department and he was subsequently placed in foster care by the DYFS. He no longer has contact with his biological parents but has a growing number of close and supportive friends.

Although, he would be fully supported if he did not work, Fernando has chosen to be employed as a teacher’s aide at a school in Newark, NJ where his reputation as having a tremendous personality and as being a very kind individual has stood him well. He is keenly aware of the importance of obtaining a good education, and recalls wanting to attend college since he was very young. His co-workers state that they are all rooting for him and know how appreciative he is of any assistance to further his personal goals.

Presently in his first year of college at Kean University, majoring in Computer Science, Fernando is enjoying the College experience and the opportunity to meet people and expand his horizons. He has joined several groups; the Kean Student Union and the Historic Society exploring a church member’s prediction that he would be a great leader some day.

Diligent in handling his finances and determined to have a stable future, Fernando plans to pursue his Masters Degree in Computer Sciences or in Education.