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ISF Student / Cindy M.

Cindy M.

Hometown:  Lubbock, TX

Attending School:  Texas Tech

Major:  Early Childhood Education

Cindy was placed into foster care at the age of 7.  For years Cindy was sexually abused by a member of the family while her father chose not to confront the situation.  Eventually CPS became involved and she was removed from the home.  Once in foster care Cindy was placed with three different families until she arrived at a more permanent place through Buckner’s Children’s Home.  While there were a lot of rules and the system was strict she knows it was the right thing for her.  While Cindy aged out of the system at 18, her main support still remains to be those at Buckner.

Cindy’s extra-curricular activities include Track & Field, Cross-country, and Marching band.  She is a member of her church youth group and has attended a mission trip in El Paso assisting families with clean up and repair.  While in school she works for Trinity Learning Center teaching infants and toddlers.

Cindy currently attends Texas Tech University and is working on her degree in Early Childhood Education.  Her goal is to teach in public schools and mentor kids in foster care.  Once she has saved enough money she would like to return to school to obtain her Masters in Early Childhood Education or Human Development Studies.