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ISF Student / Alex G.

Alex G.

Hometown:  Houston, TX

Attending school:  Prairie View A&M

Major:  Psychology

Alex, a native of Haiti was very young when her family moved to Texas. As a child, Alex remembers a difficult home life with a very ill mother and a father unable to work. At the age of 16, she and her 3 younger siblings were removed from their home by Children’s Protective Services (CPS) and placed into foster care. Fortunately, all four were able to live together with the same foster family.

Alex’s primary goal is to keep her family together. This mature young woman recognizes that obtaining a good education and a career will give her the means required to support her siblings (aged 8, 11 and 13). She envisions buying a home someday, where they can live and thrive together.
In the meantime, Alex, who is now 20, will only be able to see her siblings once a year since being accepted at Prairie View A&M as she is required to live on-campus. She has a passion for the study of animals and plants and her focus is in Agriculture.

Her extra-curricular activities include participation in multi-cultural affairs. She leads the on-campus African Student Association which helps engage those students of African descent in the area of arts, culture, food, music, etc. She is also involved in multicultural events held on campus and assists with A&M campus clean-up. Her personal talents rest in the area of dance, music, art and theatre. Although her native language is Creole she also speaks English and French.

Alex’s determination, integrity and natural talents have helped her overcome many obstacles and will go far towards her future success.