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ISF Graduate / Rose B.

Rose Brockstedt.fw

Hometown:  Manchester, NH

Name of ISF Mentor: Renee LeClair

What school were you attending with the help of an ISF scholarship?  
Liberty University

What was your Major? Graduation date? Future job plans?
ISF assisted me with my undergrad and my Master of Arts in Christian Ministry.  I graduated in May, 2013.  My future plans are to give back to others.  I want to continue to work at New Life Home for Women and Children and with Easter Seals assisting with special needs children and adults.

How did you first hear about ISF?  I first heard about ISF in 2010 on the internet when I was trying to find scholarships to help me go back to school. I applied to ISF because of the support they offered not only financially but also spiritually.

What is the greatest benefit you have received from the ISF mentoring program?  The greatest benefit I have received from the mentoring program is that it has really helped me grow spiritual as well as grow into a Godly woman. In my meetings with my ISF mentor I feel safe to express what’s going on in my life and those areas I struggle with.  My mentor is always there to support and encourage me.  I don’t feel alone but I know that whatever comes my way and I need someone to talk to my mentor is right there cheering me on and guiding me. Without my mentor helping me I don’t think I would have made it this far.

Can you give a brief testimonial describing what ISF meant to you as you pursued your degree? ISF  is more than a scholarship.  They have become my family. I have been through so much these last couple of years and when I wanted to quit they have stood by my side and helped me through. They have helped me not only financially but spiritually and emotionally. ISF has truly made a difference in my life and I will forever be thankful.

Since Graduation: Rose is working towards establishing herself in the community and becoming an expert in her field.  She is a bright young woman with a huge heart. Her dream, driven by her desire to reach beyond herself is to bring the hope of a “new life” to special needs children and adults.  Working in this industry, she hopes to impart a sense of purpose and of belonging to the world around these special people.